Posted on: August 25th 2017

Exceptional GCSE Results 2017

GCSE Results Summer 2017

Year 11 students at the Rochester Math School celebrated a year of exceptional results this week.

58% of all grades are at A*/A/9/8/7 and 76% of youngsters were awarded three or more of the very top grades, giving rise to some superb individual performances. 62% of the year group gained 5 or more A* and A grades

Pleasingly, this year saw the proportion of A*/9/8 grades being awarded reach over 27%. In the new benchmark ‘Progress 8’ measure, the school achieved +0.46. This means that, on average, students have achieved approaching half a grade better each than expected in each of their subjects’.

In terms of the government’s new key school performance benchmarks, 98.3% students achieved a pass in English and Mathematics, while 94.5% gained a strong pass in both subjects. The average grade per GCSE course taken by the students is a B++.

The proportion of students gaining at least a C in the Ebacc group of subjects rose to 88%, the highest figure yet.

The ‘Attainment 8’ measure, average pupil achievement across 8 qualifications, including English and maths and at least 3 other English Baccalaureate qualifications is 69.83, also the best ever.

The highest individual performances were recorded by William FARRELL with 14 A*/9/8 grades, followed by Joseph PIEKOS and Simon YIP with 12 A*/9/8 and 1 A grade, and then Cameron EASDOWN and Orson YE with 13 A*/9/8 and 1 B grade. Jon GOH and Jonah HYDE gained 11 A*/9/8 and 2 A grades. Sam WILLIAMS gained 11 A*/9/8 and 1 A grade. Druv REDDY and Harris WARBURTON obtained 10 A*/9/8 and 2 A grades, while Jerrin GLADY gained 9 A*/9/8/ and 3 A grades. Alexander ORLOV-HOLMES obtained 10 A*/9/8, 2 A and 1 B grade, and Prabhjot KALSI gained 9 A*/9/8 and 4 A grades.  Oreoluwa EMMANUEL gained 9 A*/9/8 and 3 A grades.

Overall, 57 students, a third of the whole year group, gained 10 or more A*/A/9/8 grades. 69 students gained an average grade of an A/7 or higher. 72 youngsters avoided any grade lower than a B. 

Eliot Hodges, Headteacher, said ‘What our students have achieved has surpassed even our most optimistic predictions. We aimed for 20% of the highest grades and got 27%. These results are simply wonderful, particularly if you consider that the English and Mathematics GCSE’s are the new, tougher courses. I’m delighted for all our hard-working students who deserve nothing but praise’. 

CEO of The Wiliamson Trust, Gary Vyse said ‘The students and teachers of the Math make a formidable team, and I’m delighted for them all’.

Chair of Governors Steve Brightman said ‘I was expecting great and we got amazing. Well done to all the students and their tireless teachers’.